About us


The Clutch City Community Fitness motto is “Believe!” Once you BELIEVE in yourself, you are capable of amazing things!

Our story

Clutch City CF is owned by two friends (Jose and Steven) with a passion for pushing ourselves, both physically and mentally along with a passion for coaching and making our community stronger by providing fitness that makes lives better for people at all levels of athleticism. We have developed a passion to lead others and have all worked amazingly hard, including overcoming being overweight, out of shape, insecure, etc. We believe Condition Training has and will continue to revolutionize the landscape of the Fitness Industry. Condition Training is a tool that we can use to help people reach their fitness goals. We want to introduce fitness lifestyle to people and do whatever we can to help others set and obtain their fitness goals, goals beyond what they think they are capable of, striving to reshape people’s image of what true fitness is. Clutch City CF is not a typical gym! It is more than just a place to work out…it is a place to get results while being part of a supportive community! We are all real people looking to share our passion for betterment with you.


Our mission

At Clutch City CF, our mission is to help you surpass the barriers of “can’t” and replace them with BELIEVE so that you may achieve and continuously surpass your health and fitness goals in a secure and sustainable manner.  This is achieved through expert coaching, programs for all levels and our warm and friendly family atmosphere that Clutch City CF is famous for.


We are only as good as how our members perceive us.  We learn from you every day.  Thank you for trusting us with tearing you down to build you up!